Le Ali di Mercurio

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Vigna Ortale, il cru gentile firmato da Di Marzo – Corriere del Mezzogiorno

“The gentle family di Somma, especially Ferrante introduced a lots of innovations that took the Di Marzo winery again in the spotlight. Moved by a pure passion, also thanks to the experience of Vincenzo Mercurio winemaker, he streamlined the production of the classic wines from Irpinia, giving a particular attention to the most exemplary wine:…

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Pietramara, Fiano di Avellino DOCG 2007 de I Favati – Degustazione ADB #wineclub “Bianchi a caso”: 2007, 2012 e 2017 a confronto. Piace di più il Sauvignon 2017 di Gaierhof, ma stupiscono i 2007!

Pietramara 2007, Fiano di Avellino DOCG of I Favati winery from Cesinali (Irpinia, Campania) with a score of 85,72/100 according to the ADB #wineclub that arranges regularly blind wine tastings, that is the wine tasters do not know which wine they will taste. The subject of the last session was Random White Wines : 2007, 2012 and…

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“L’Escluso” finalmente a Capri e Amalfi – La Repubblica

The “Escluso” Orvieto DOC of Cantina Lapone directly from Umbria region: “Piero and Ramona Cantarelli, a couple of good Italian society strictly linked with the winery just by thei love for the vineyards of Cantina Lapone, 22 hectares. Its origins make it more influential: Etruscan people digged the first wine-cellars in the tufo caves, then…

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Il Fiano di De’ Gaeta: un biologico serio – Corriere della Sera

“De’ Gaeta is among the most interesting wineries from Irpinia (Campania). Under the guidance of Vincenzo Mercurio Salvatore Gaeta, encouraged thanks to his brother Bruno in the passion for winegrowing, is carrying on a project aimed to explore the new potential of the native ampelographic terroir. The innovation also involves organic wine-growing methods both in…

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Semplice non significa facile – Larcante.com

On Larcante.com, a pleasant journey to discover and taste the Biancolella grape variety: “(…) talking about the Biancolella variety, easy does not mean simple, since in specific situation this wine comes from extreme conditions, places and vineyards that are very unique.” Such as the Biancolella 2017 Lazio Igt of Antiche Cantine Migliaccio: “In 2000, Luciana…

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Sarah Dei Tos celebra la sua prima vendemmia totalmente biologica – Storiedieccellenza.it

The award “La Vigna di Sarah BIO for the heroic wine-growing” goes to Antiche Cantine Migliaccio winery, at Ponza Island (…) This year the third edition is awarded  to this winery founded in 2000 by Emanuele Vittorio and his wife Luciana Sabino. The history of Antiche Cantine Migliaccio matches the heroic wine-growing vision, according to…

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Schietto Taburno. Nel bicchiere il vero “terroir” – La Stampa

On La Stampa, in the section of Paolo Massobrio, they talk about Fattoria La Rivolta: “Fattoria La Rivolta winery is located at scope of Taburno Mount, giving the name to the DOC appellation. The uniqueness is that Paolo Cotroneo’s wines faithfully express the native wine-growing. They are plain and authentic, with no frills. You can…

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Il Falerno del Massico di Masseria Felicia – Doctor Wine di Daniele Cernilli

“All the Falerno del Massico wines made by Masseria Felicia winery, both reds and whites, distinguish for their lively intensity and longevity. It is located on Monte Massico area, Felicia Brini leads the family business since ita was born in 2000, surrounded by nature not far from the sea (…) the warm winds, the dry…

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Falanghina, o di quel bianco dell’estate buono per tutte le tasche! – Larcante.com

On l’Arcante a focus on the Falanghina, among the most ancient grape variety of Campania region, with some examples of its best expression according to the different territories, such as the FAlerno del Massico white Anthologia 2017 by Masseria Felicia winery: “Maria Felicia Brini’s wines are on a steady run-up: never defined, or final, getting…

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I vini vulcanici. Tutta l’importanza del terroir – Italia a Tavola

The importance of the volcanic wines trough an interview made by Italia a Tavola magazine to Vincenzo Mercurio. A pleasant focus on the relationship between wine-growing and volcanic soils, underlining  the meaning of ‘terroir’: “Undoubtedly, the volcanic wines have sulphureous hints, also rubber, flint, ferodo, alabaster, slate all due to the composition of the soil…

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