Le Ali di Mercurio


Quel Bombino cosi’ gentile che conquista il Nord Europa – La Repubblica

“This Bombino wine tells better its territory, unusual hill with a limestone base, the roots touch the rock, therefore a low and white soil. The winemaking role of the oenologist Vincenzo Mercurio from Campania, saves the original feature distinguishing Masseria Farona: the minerality. (…) The four Casillo brothers, Masseria Faraona’s owners, in addition to their…

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Cantine I Favati, Claudio Cipressi Vignaiolo, Cantine di Marzo: Tasting Notes – Civiltà del Bere

On Civiltà del Bere magazine, in the Tasting Notes column, Jessica Bordoni tells us about three wine estates through their wines, typical espression of the land they come from. Let’s start from Irpinia area (Campania region) with Greco di Tufo and Fiano di Avellino varieties: Cantine di Marzo – Greco di Tufo Docg 2016 (Irpinia,…

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Masseria Falvo 1727 – Lavinium.it

Terre di Cosenza Pollino Magliocco Riserva Graneta 2012  and Terre di Cosenza Donna Filomena 2015 of Masseria Falvo on lavinium.it: “The date on the labels refers to the year when the Falvo’s, a noble family from Cosenza (Calabria, South of Italy), finished to build a farm at the slopes of Mount Pollino. (…) The history of…

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nuvole - Copia

Marco Antonelli Vignaiolo in Olevano– Lavinium.it

“One of Marco Antonelli’s merit is undoubtedly to have contributed in rescuing ancient vines of Cesanese variety, in a age between 50 to 80 years. Marco Antonelli produce through organic method, he does not use synthesis chemistry, in the wine cellar the fermentation are spontaneous and he uses low sulfur content.” (…) Cesanese di Olevano…

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Accademia Le Ali di Mercurio: l’enologo, il progetto, i vignaioli – Lavinium.it

On Lavinium website, Roberto Giuliani describes the birth and the aim of Le Ali di Mercurio project: “The winemaker Vincenzo Mercurio was not satisfied with his professional goals, he has always thought to do something going further the traditional role of the winemaker. (…) Therefore, in 2015  he founded Le Ali di Mercurio Academy, a…

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FREN-TAURASI-DOCG-rosso-07 - Copia

«Fren» il Taurasi tonante dalle vigne di Paternopoli – Corriere della Sera

Taurasi Freno f Stefania Barbot winery on Corriere della Sera newspaper: “Just over five years Erminio Spiezia and his wife Stefania Barbot are cultivating the dream to produce high quality wines in Irpinia area. Their choice was for the main native vine: the powerful Taurasi FREN, an ancient greek word that means the hearth, the…

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Friulano Friuli Isonzo Doc Rive Alte 2015 Azienda Agricola Sant’Elena – LucianoPignataro wineblog

Friulano Friuli Isonzo Doc Rive Alte 2015 of Sant’Elena winery by Enrico Malgi: “Friuli Venezia Giulia italian region is a land full of native and International vines (…) Friulano Friuli Rive Alte Doc 2015 of Sant’Elena winery from Gradisca d’Isonzo is a very good label, provided for the winemaker Vincenzo Mercurio. The owner is the…

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13072794_1183863788320892_308517496889872335_o - Copia

I vini di Bosco De’ Medici, il passato diventa vita nel cuore degli scavi – LucianoPignataro wineblog

“A young idea for an ancient history. That is Bosco de’ Medici, origined from the second half of ‘500, when a Medici family strain moved to Ottaviano where, at the slopes of Vesuvius, grew-up his vineyards (…) Actually, the Palombas and the Monacos, founded the winery (…) Bosco de’ Medici is situated in the hearth…

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il verro lautonis

Lautonis Casavecchia Terre del Volturno Igp 2015, Il Verro – LucianoPignataro wineblog

Lautonis Casavecchia Terre del Volturno Igp 2015 dell’azienda Il Verro on Lucianopignataro wineblog: “Cesare Avenia is the founder and owner with the help of two friends of him Stefano Mingione and Cesare Nacca. The territory (Caserta area) hides inside a precious stone: Casavecchia grape variety area, an ancient and rare vine that together with the Pallagrello…

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vino-scomposto-682x1024 - Copia

Scomposto Benevento Bianco Igt 2015 | Tenuta Sant’Agostino – LucianoPignataro wineblog

Scomposto Benevento Bianco Igt 2015 of Tenuta Sant’Agostino on LucianoPignataro wineblog. “Four brothers, Raffaela, Carlo, Mimmo and Gennaro, altough they are involved in other jobs, wanted to revive an ancient and pleased family tradition proposing again, together with their children, a magic moment that made them very happy. Finally, in 2013 they restarted the family…

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