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Un contadino testardo, il professore vignaiolo e i giovani archeologi: così il Grecomusc’ è risorto dalle sue ceneri – Repubblica

Contrade di Taurasi winery of Lonardo family with the Grecomusc’ grape variety is told by Luca Martinelli on Repubblica newspaper: “In Irpinia area (Campania) they rediscovered the Grecomusc’ variety, also called Rovello Bianco: at the end of the nineteenth century it was present in the “Catalogue of the vines of Avellino province”, anyway until the…

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Lonardo taurasi

Taurasi, le dieci etichette da comprare nel 2017 e bere tra dieci anni – Luciano Pignataro wineblog

“Taurasi 2012 DOCG of Contrade di Taurasi, a winery situated in a small area with hills, bends, vineyards among the woods. A wonderful landscape to discover, unknown yet. This wine is “a fine red with a great spirit, typical expression of the territory. The Lonardo family keeps to introduce traditional wines, in significant barrels/barriques without…

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Grandi conferme per IOVINO alla sua seconda edizione

At the second edition of IOVINO a huge success for Campania region, tastings and lessons to highlight the vines of this territory. The biggest protagonists were wines and wineries: “the great Fiano of Villa Diamante (…) but also the wines of Cantine Lonardo and I Favati, the Greco di Tufo of Tenuta Russo Bruno, Coda…

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Kerin o keefe headline

Kerin O’ Keefe: Italian wine reviews

Contrade di Taurasi winery’s wines among the Top 20 of the Month according to Kerin O’Keefe wine critic and author for Wine Enthusiast Magazine: “Contrade di Taurasi of Lonardo family with its 2011 Vigne d’Alto Taurasi, 94 points; And also its Coste 2011 Taurasi, 93 points.” Both with a successful rating, confirming the quality of the wines produced…

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Il cru di Grecomusc’ 2014 delle Cantine Lonardo – LucianoPignataro wineblog

“I love the coherence in people and wine, too, although nowadays it is unfashionable but I think it is one of the main aspects to be looked for if you want to drink with enthusiasm. About Lonardo’s family (Contrade di Taurasi), they invested a lot on the coherence and the respect for the territory towards…

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Contrade di Taurasi

Maintaining an Italian Identity – Tom Hyland, learnitalianwines.com

Tom Hyland on his blog “Lear Italian Wines” talks obout the importance of territoriality and individuality of the Italian wines. In particular he says “Wines made with local varieties, be they from Campania, Piemonte or numerous other Italian regions are distinctive, individual and speak of a sense of place. These are wines that could only be…

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I Taurasi e il Grecomusc’ di Cantine Lonardo a Cap’alice – LucianoPignataro wineblog

Luca Miraglia tells us the meeting organized with attention and passion by Marina Alaimo at the Cap’alice wine bar, an event belonging to the “Wine stories and vineyards”. A great event for all enthusiast oenophiles that was sold out. The main characters were Cantine Lonardo’s  Grecomusc’ and Taurasi: the first one “a wine that cought…

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Campania’s last romantics – GamberoRosso

Lorenzo Ruggeri and Stefania Annese talking about the Campania’s viticulture made by many small wineries and a few giants. They present a view of the region’s small artisans, whose labels “evoke their home territories through their Mediterranean sensations.” They propose different wines, among which Costa d’Amalfi Bianco Puntacroce ’13 of Azienda Agricola Biologica Raffaele Palma…

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gentleman contrade di taurasi

La bontà degli ultimi: Coste 2009 di Contrade di Taurasi

Cesare Pillon on Gentleman magazine, September 2015 describes the Taurasi, the symbol of the wine-growing in Campania (Italy). Such as, Coste 2009 for which “elegance and intensity are the clearest qualities.” (Cesare Pillon), produced by the Lonardo family, Contrade di Taurasi’s owner. Click on the image to enlarge. Cesare Pillon sul mensile Gentleman di Settembre…

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Guida Vini Buoni d’Italia 2016: Contrade di Taurasi si aggiudica la Golden Star

Great confirmation for the Grecomusc’, grape variety from Irpinia saved by the oblivion, thanks to the perseverance of Sandro Lonardo and his family: indeed  it is awarded The Golden Star by Vini Buoni d’Italia 2016 Guidebook. Contrade di Taurasi – Cantine Lonardo Campania Igt (Typical Geographic Indications) White Grecomusc’ 2013 Grecomusc’ has an original history…

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