Le Ali di Mercurio


Cantine I Favati, Claudio Cipressi Vignaiolo, Cantine di Marzo: Tasting Notes – Civiltà del Bere

On Civiltà del Bere magazine, in the Tasting Notes column, Jessica Bordoni tells us about three wine estates through their wines, typical espression of the land they come from. Let’s start from Irpinia area (Campania region) with Greco di Tufo and Fiano di Avellino varieties: Cantine di Marzo – Greco di Tufo Docg 2016 (Irpinia,…

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contrade di taurasi

The Volcanic Wines of Italy – Wine Enthusiast

Kerin O’ Keefe on Wine Enthusiast magazine tells about the volcanic wines of Italy starting with Campania ones. “Campania is a captivating and beautiful region in the southwest of the country (…) Irpinia area (within this region) is home to native red grape Aglianico, most notable in Taurasi, and white grapes Fiano and Greco di…

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VIncenzo Mercurio

Vincenzo Mercurio: ecco il mio segreto per il Fiano

“About his wines, he does not want they are attributable to him, but the sharpness of a photography loyal to the terroir and people who created it. Here it is Vincenzo Mercurio, the oenologist of the White Wine of The Year according to Gambero Rosso.” For the entire article click on the link below, please….

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Fiano di Avellino, dieci etichette da comprare senza ritegno nel 2017 – Luciano Pignataro wineblog

Fiano di Avellino 2016 Docg of Tenuta Sarno 1860 as one of the best expression of Fiano di Avellino Docg. “A fine white wine that would need more wineries believing in its potentials over time. (…) Absolutely interesting and successful the bond between the oenologist Vincenzo Mercurio and Maura Sarno (Tenuta Sarno’s owner): a wine,…

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head pignataro

I dieci migliori Fiano di Avellino docg dell’annata 2015

Fiano di Avellino 2015 by Tenuta Sarno 1860, also for this year is among the best example for the Fiano grape variety: “…it is one of the best expression of ever, it is quite more ready than the last year one. Rich, full-bodied, wide, with a long finish and very pleasant.” For the entire article click…

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Vitigno e Terroir a Baronissi con Ais Salerno

Enrico Malgi tells about the VIII edition of & Terroir – Il Salotto del Vino Monovitigno Autoctono Campano. At Villa Farina, Baronissi with the collaboration of AIS Salerno led by Nevio Toti: “ The native varietals introduced during the two days were Aglianico, Piedirosso, Fiano, Greco, Falanghina and Coda di Volpe. Moreover, there was a…

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Campania Stories 2017: i bianchi Campani tra prospettive e retrospettive

In the last Campania Stories 2017 edition the wines from Campania region were the protagonists of different tastings and masterclass. During the first day for the whites, many wines were tasted, among which the Grecomusc’ 2014 of Contrade di Taurasi, Coda di Volpe Sannita 2016 of Fattoria La Rivolta, Terre del Volturno Pallagrello Bianco Verginiano…

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Campania Stories 2017, la Top 10 dei Fiano

Tenuta Sarno 1860’s Fiano di Avellino DOCG and Pietramara Etichetta Bianca 2012 of I Favati among the best wines in the Fiano Top 10, during Campania Stories 2017 edition: “Fiano wines have freshness, fruitfullness and flavors richness. We can imagine them, within few years, more full-evolved and, perhaps, more complex. The longevity makes the Fiano…

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Taurasi e Fiano pronti alla sfida con Piemonte Toscana e Nord Est

This year Vini d’Italia 2017 Guide by L’Espresso proposes a new format, taking off the barriers among regions. Campania is in the foreground, present in all three categories. For the “Wines to be drunk soon” we can find the Fiano di Avellino Pietramara 2015 by I Favati, exalted by an oenologist who dominates the Guide…

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Anteprima Tre Bicchieri 2017. Campania.

“Beauty and  unpredictability are the two trump cards of wines from Campania. First of all, the regional vine leads us through the most beautiful places of Italy: the Amalfi Coast, the islands, the sleeping volcanos, Picentini Mountains, natural parks on the sea like in Cilento. On a jagged territory you can see an heritage of…

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