Le Ali di Mercurio

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Dressel 19.2 Pompeiano Igt Bianco 2017 Bosco De’ Medici – LucianoPignataro wineblog

On the slopes of Vesuvius, a white wine made in amphora by Caprettone grape varieties of Bosco de’ Medici winery. The name Dressel 19.2 refers to the most important Deutsch researcher of archeological evidences: Heinrich Dressel, expert in decoding amphorae, in particular those ones discovered at Monte Testaccio and Pompei, dating back to the Roman…

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Sheep, il vino dalla doppia anima: Azienda Agricola Il Verro – LucianoPignataro wineblog

Sheep of Il Verro winery, made with Coda di Pecora grapes (Sheep Tail) on Luciano Pignataro wineblog described by Antonella Amodio: “About this unique white native vine we followed its evolution during last years. Since 2011, when they introduced few bottles on the market. In 2005, Cesare Avenia, Il Verro’s owner, made examine its DNA…

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Le mille sfumature della Campania in dieci bottiglie di Falanghina – LucianoPignataro wineblog

Falanghina del Sannio Dop 2017 Fattoria La Rivolta and Anthologia Falerno del Massico Bianco Doc 2017 Masseria Felicia by Antonella Amodio on LucianoPignataro wineblog. She tells us “the thousand hues of a territory you can find in a bottle of wine (…) The wine that better shows these hues is the Falanghina. The most widespread white…

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Florami Indole, la Falanghina biologica del Vesuvio di due ingegneri napoletani con la passione del vino – LucianoPignataro wineblog

Florami Indole Falanghina on LucianoPignataro wineblog: Simona Mariarosaria Quirino guides us by hand through the vineyards at the slopes of Vesuvius to discover this white wine. “Indole (‘Character’), it’s the name of this Falanghina 100%. Everyone has got character, also a wine, above all this one made by Mario Terzo and his wife, two engineers…

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Antiche Cantine Migliaccio: Ponza gastronomica, vino e cibo da scoprire – LucianoPignataro wineblog

Antiche Cantine Migliaccio told by Antonio Di Spirito leading us to discover Ponza Island: “Biancolella is a grape variety that is better adapted to Ponza developing its own features (…) About twenty years ago, Emanuele Vittorio recovered ungrafted ancient vines belonging to his grandfather Benedetto Migliaccio, at Punta Fieno area (Ponza), which were covered by…

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I dieci migliori rosati della Campania 2017 – LucianoPignataro wineblog

Aglianico del Taburno Le Mongolfiere a San Bruno 2017 Docg of Fattoria La Rivolta among the best ten rosé wine in Campania for 2017: “Mongolfiere a San Bruno is the good rosé wine made by Paolo Cotroneo (Fattoria La Rivolta’s owner) (…) The winemaker Vincenzo Mercurio can obtain a rosé as we like, definite but…

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Fiano del Cilento, dieci etichette indimenticabili – Lucianopignataro wineblog

Vestalis Cilento Fiano Dop 2017 of Cantine Barone among the ten best labels: “A solid and reliable winery on large numbers. The last version of Vestalis, a white wine in steel, shows on the nose good ripe white fruit within a Mediterranean forest being on the palate fresh, pleasantly bitter, without sweet references. A very…

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Vini Cantine Barone: Nuove annate – Lucianopignataro wineblog

Enrico Malgi shows us the new vintages of Cantine Barone wines: “Cantine Barone wines are growing more and more. Strongly local, supported by the winemaker Vincenzo Mercurio, good value for money. (…) Marsia Bianco Campania Igp 2017, Vignolella Fiano Cilento Doc 2017, Una Mattina Fiano Paestum Igp 2017, Falanghina Campania Igp 2017, Primula Rosa Paestum…

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Fiano di Avellino Docg 2016 Tenuta Sarno 1860 – LucianoPignataro wineblog

“Fiano di Avellino Docg: one vine, one vineyard, one wine! Recently, Maura has tought to add to her only label a sparkling wine Pas Dosé with Martinotti method, just made by Fiano grapes. Vincenzo Mercurio is the oenologist leading the winery. Many and prestigious awards to both labels: “Fiano di Avellino Docg 2016: a wise…

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Lavarubra Lacryma Christi Rosso Vesuvio Doc 2016 | Azienda Agricola Bosco de’ Medici – LucianoPignataro wineblog

“Lavarubra Lacryma Christi Vesuvio Rosso Doc 2016 dell’Azienda Agricola Bosco de’ Medici di Pompei, belonging to Monaco and Palomba families, led by the oenologist Vincenzo Mercurio. Piedirosso variety 85% and Aglianico. Steel, wood and bottle for the aging. (…) Purple red; on the nose clean, aromatic and elegant perfumes reminding strawberry, violet, rose, cherry, red fruits…

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