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L’Aglianico irpino di Castelvetere per il primo ragù di casa Cortese – IlMattino

11 Ottobre 2016

Barbot at Paternopoli, De’ Gaeta at Castelvetere and Ra.Ro at Montemarano: are the pillars of Comuni nel Vino project created by the oenologist Vincenzo Mercurio. A winning vision for the smallest wine companies: in a such excessive amount opf proposals where everybody offers something, only who has something real not replicable wins. In each three cases, the aim is based on a one bottle. Since we had the question on what to drink with the first ragù sauce in autumn made by Cristina at Cortese Home, we had no doubts, we choose De’ Gaeta wine at Castelvetere sul Calore, belonging to the brothers Bruno and Salvatore Gaeta (Irpinia, Campania). (…) These are the pearls Irpinia offers us. (…) Zoning, seriousness of procedures and respecting environment are the main conditions to make wines that give the fair return to who produce it.” (Luciano Pignataro)

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“Barbot a Peternopoli, De’ Gaeta a Castelvetere e Ra.Ro a Montemarano: sono i tre pilastri del progetto dei Comuni nel Vino ideato da Vincenzo Mercurio. Una filosofia che riteniamo vincente per le piccole aziende: in questa valanga di proposte in cui tutti offrono tutto vince solo chi ha qualcosa di non replicabile.” (Luciano Pignataro)

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