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Calidio Rosso del Molise Doc 2016, Campi Valerio – LucianoPignataro wineblog

“The small Molise region is not just a territory of Tintilia, Aglianico, Trebbiano and Falanghina but also the Montepulciano variety is widespread here. Such as, Calidio Rosso del Molise Doc 2016 of Campi Valerio winery, a Montepulciano 100% harvested in October. Vinified in stainless steel, refined in bottle (…) A brilliant deep rubin red. A…

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Fannia Falanghina del Molise Doc 2018, Campi Valerio – LucianoPignataro wineblog

“Fannia Falanghina del Molise DOC 2018 of Campi Valerio winery, with Vincenzo Mercurio’s winemaking consultant. 560 meters above sea level, harvesting in September. In stainless steel refined in bottle (…) The deep bouquet offers intense and enveloping  fruity scents such as tangerine, melon, peach, apricot, apple, pear and banana, supported by a flower grace of…

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Beviamoci Sud : I rossi del Sud di Vincenzo Mercurio – LucianoPignataro wineblog

“The charming red wines from Southern of Italy thanks to tastings of important wineries also with four focused workshops led by the journalist Luciano Pignataro. This event was organized by Marco Cum together with Luciano Pignataro and Andrea Petrini (…) During the first day of this event they were tasted eight wines of some of…

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Biancolella Isola di Ponza Lazio Igp 2018 Antiche Cantine Migliaccio – LucianoPignataro wineblog

“When you talk about Isola di Ponza (Lazio) quickly you think of another bigger and not so far island, that is Ischia (Campania). In fact, Ponza inhabitants come from the former settlers from Ischia (…) Also the winegrowing has been influenced by ancient traditional methods, for example the grape varieties from Ischia implanted also on…

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Nero di Troia Castel del Monte Doc 2017 Masseria Faraona – LucianoPignataro wineblog

“Nero di Troia Castel del Monte DOC 2017 Masseria Faraona with Vincenzo Mercurio winemaking consultant (…) Nero di Troia 100% fermented in stainless steel, then aged in steel and barriques for ten months finally refined in bottle for three months. A rubin red wine, vivid and brilliant. On the palate, wide and fine scents of…

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Indole Falanghina Campania Igp 2018 Florami – LucianoPignataro wineblog

“(…) Just from the Vesuvio area it comes the Indole Falanghina Campania Igt 2018 made by Florami, a young and minimal winery, belonging to Terzo and Abagnale families, with Vincenzo Mercurio’s winemaking consultant. One ungrafted under vines hectare of the only Falanghina at Trecase town on the slopes of Vesuvius with just 4500 bottles. It…

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Fiano di Avellino Docg 2017 Erre Tenuta Sarno 1860 – LucianoPignataro wineblog

“Some of the main features: a young and monovarietal (monocultivar) winery, led by a beautiful and great woman from Irpinia together with a skilled winemaker. This is the identikit of Tenuta Sarno 1860 at Candida (Irpinia, Campania region), underlining the quality of Maura Sarno and her winemaking consultant Vincenzo Mercurio and, of course, of their…

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Lautonis Casavecchia Terre del Volturno Igp 2017 Il Verro – LucianoPignataro wineblog

“If we say Pallagrello red and white, Casavecchia and Coda di Pecora varieties we are sure we are talking about native grapes in the area of Alto Casertano, between the Volturno Valley and the Maggiore Mount at Pontelatone, Formicola, Liberi and Castel di Sasso towns, where these vines have been rediscovered and enhanced again by…

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Bombino Nero Rosato Castel del Monte Docg 2018 Masseria Faraona – LucianoPignataro.it

The power of Puglia region is due to the several and specific red vines, each one with a particular feature vinified both in rosè and red but also in white in some cases such as Negroamaro, Primitivo, Malvasia Nera, Susumaniello, Nero di Troia and Bombino Nero varieties, a very rich and excellent ampelographic resource in…

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Antonio Valerio - Copia

Opalia Tintilia del Molise Rosso Doc 2015 Campi Valerio – LucianoPignatarowineblog.it

Campi Valerio winery located at Monteroduni, Isernia province (Molise region), with the winemaking consultant of Vincenzo Mercurio, produces a Tintilia in purity: Opalia Tintilia del Molise Rosso DOC 2015. (…) “An intense rubin red, vivid and young. On the nose, complex and captivating, with an elegant breath of fresh fruit such as marasca cherry, blueberry,…

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