Le Ali di Mercurio


Sogno 2017 La Rivolta sempre avanti – LaRepubblica

“Fattoria La Rivolta winery of Paolo Cotroneo traces a new direction in a territory already exalted with the acclaim as European capital 2019 by Racevin for its Falanghina. (…) Together with Vincenzo Mercurio, a winemaker always eager for news, it launches “Sogno di Rivolta” harvest 2017. It’s a white wine passing a short time in…

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Schietto Taburno. Nel bicchiere il vero “terroir” – La Stampa

On La Stampa, in the section of Paolo Massobrio, they talk about Fattoria La Rivolta: “Fattoria La Rivolta winery is located at scope of Taburno Mount, giving the name to the DOC appellation. The uniqueness is that Paolo Cotroneo’s wines faithfully express the native wine-growing. They are plain and authentic, with no frills. You can…

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Felicia 3

Il Falerno del Massico di Masseria Felicia – Doctor Wine di Daniele Cernilli

“All the Falerno del Massico wines made by Masseria Felicia winery, both reds and whites, distinguish for their lively intensity and longevity. It is located on Monte Massico area, Felicia Brini leads the family business since ita was born in 2000, surrounded by nature not far from the sea (…) the warm winds, the dry…

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Falanghina, o di quel bianco dell’estate buono per tutte le tasche! – Larcante.com

On l’Arcante a focus on the Falanghina, among the most ancient grape variety of Campania region, with some examples of its best expression according to the different territories, such as the FAlerno del Massico white Anthologia 2017 by Masseria Felicia winery: “Maria Felicia Brini’s wines are on a steady run-up: never defined, or final, getting…

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Sogno di Rivolta 2016 Beneventano igt Fattoria La Rivolta – LucianoPignataro wineblog

“Sogno di Rivolta di Paolo Cotroneo made with Fiano, Greco and Falanghina varieties means elegance, power and Energy (…) A great white wine, to be kept for ten years before uncorking, as evidence of the versatility of Torrecuso territory, capable to express itself both through the reds and whites. Sogno di Rivolta can never die…

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Le aziende premiate alla WOW -The Italian Wine Competition – Civiltà del Bere

We gladly want to share a good award received by the WOW -The Italian Wine Competition, the wine contest created by Civiltà del Bere. The only one offered by an Italian magazine, just reserved to Italian wines. The first competition that enhances the quality of wines and their typical features, thanks to a jury of…

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Piede franco, otto vini storici dalle “vigne centenarie” patrimonio dell’umanità – Umberto Gambino, Wining.it

Indole Falanghina Igt Campania of Florami winery for a tasting on wines from ungrafted centuries-old vines, the so-called Monument Vines, which resisted to the phylloxera attack. “This Falanghina is from an ungrafted vineyard at Tirone della Guardia area, settled in the Vesuvius National Park. Just here the so much reviled falanghina variety (that is instead…

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Le mille sfumature della Campania in dieci bottiglie di Falanghina – LucianoPignataro wineblog

Falanghina del Sannio Dop 2017 Fattoria La Rivolta and Anthologia Falerno del Massico Bianco Doc 2017 Masseria Felicia by Antonella Amodio on LucianoPignataro wineblog. She tells us “the thousand hues of a territory you can find in a bottle of wine (…) The wine that better shows these hues is the Falanghina. The most widespread white…

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Florami-vino Pignataro - Copia (2)

Florami Indole, la Falanghina biologica del Vesuvio di due ingegneri napoletani con la passione del vino – LucianoPignataro wineblog

Florami Indole Falanghina on LucianoPignataro wineblog: Simona Mariarosaria Quirino guides us by hand through the vineyards at the slopes of Vesuvius to discover this white wine. “Indole (‘Character’), it’s the name of this Falanghina 100%. Everyone has got character, also a wine, above all this one made by Mario Terzo and his wife, two engineers…

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Vini Cantine Barone: Nuove annate – Lucianopignataro wineblog

Enrico Malgi shows us the new vintages of Cantine Barone wines: “Cantine Barone wines are growing more and more. Strongly local, supported by the winemaker Vincenzo Mercurio, good value for money. (…) Marsia Bianco Campania Igp 2017, Vignolella Fiano Cilento Doc 2017, Una Mattina Fiano Paestum Igp 2017, Falanghina Campania Igp 2017, Primula Rosa Paestum…

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