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verro 24 11 2019

Sheep, la coda di pecora de Il Verro regala al territorio un grande bianco da invecchiamento – Campaniaslow.it

Coda di Pecora grape variety, between the Monte Maggiore and the south side of the Roccamonfina volcano, is exalted by Il Verro at Formicola town, a winery already well-known for Pallagrello and Casavecchia native varieties; led by Cesare Avenia (…) who gave us the privilege to take part in his Coda di Pecora vertical tasting,…

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Verticale 2018-2011 di Sheep Coda di Pecora Azienda Agricola Il Verro – LucianoPignataro wineblog

“Cesare Avenia (Il Verro owner) took seriously his job as wine-grower, also thanks the skilled winemaker Vincenzo Mercurio, keeping on with this objective by his own (…) The so-called Coda di Pecora grape variety (Sheep Tail), a rare and native white variety was rediscovered and launched again just by Il Verro winery, a grape variety…

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ventiventi-in-anfora - Copia

Dalla Tenuta Sant’Agostino un Trebbiano di rispetto – Corriere del Mezzogiorno

VentiVenti Trebbiano made in amphora 2017 of Tenuta Sant’Agostino on Corriere del Mezzogiorno newspaper: “(…) Together with his brothers and sister Domenico, Raffaela and Gennaro, Carlo Ceparano decided to found the winery Tenuta Sant’Agostino (…) To support the vinification of native grapes at its best (Malvasia, Trebbiano and Aglianico) he called the winemaker Vincenzo Mercurio….

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Sogno 2017 La Rivolta sempre avanti – LaRepubblica

“Fattoria La Rivolta winery of Paolo Cotroneo traces a new direction in a territory already exalted with the acclaim as European capital 2019 by Racevin for its Falanghina. (…) Together with Vincenzo Mercurio, a winemaker always eager for news, it launches “Sogno di Rivolta” harvest 2017. It’s a white wine passing a short time in…

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vino-scomposto-682x1024 - Copia

Scomposto, una malvasia in anfora – The Intenet Gourmet

The Malvasia in amphora of Tenuta Sant’Agostino is told by Marina Alaimo on TheInternetGourmet website: “Tenuta Sant’Agostino is located in Solopaca (Benevento area), a land of wine (…) this winery was born thanks to the beautiful family moments lived among the vineyards on the slopes of the Taburno Mount. The owners are Raffaela, Carlo, Mimmo…

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Ortale1 - Copia

Vigna Ortale, il cru gentile firmato da Di Marzo – Corriere del Mezzogiorno

“The gentle family di Somma, especially Ferrante introduced a lots of innovations that took the Di Marzo winery again in the spotlight. Moved by a pure passion, also thanks to the experience of Vincenzo Mercurio winemaker, he streamlined the production of the classic wines from Irpinia, giving a particular attention to the most exemplary wine:…

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fiano_pietramara - Copia

Pietramara, Fiano di Avellino DOCG 2007 de I Favati – Degustazione ADB #wineclub “Bianchi a caso”: 2007, 2012 e 2017 a confronto. Piace di più il Sauvignon 2017 di Gaierhof, ma stupiscono i 2007!

Pietramara 2007, Fiano di Avellino DOCG of I Favati winery from Cesinali (Irpinia, Campania) with a score of 85,72/100 according to the ADB #wineclub that arranges regularly blind wine tastings, that is the wine tasters do not know which wine they will taste. The subject of the last session was Random White Wines : 2007, 2012 and…

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“L’Escluso” finalmente a Capri e Amalfi – La Repubblica

The “Escluso” Orvieto DOC of Cantina Lapone directly from Umbria region: “Piero and Ramona Cantarelli, a couple of good Italian society strictly linked with the winery just by thei love for the vineyards of Cantina Lapone, 22 hectares. Its origins make it more influential: Etruscan people digged the first wine-cellars in the tufo caves, then…

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Italy’s Indigenous Varieties, Part Two – Forbes.com (Tom Hyland)

Tom Hyland’s journey through the Italian indigenous grape varieties keep on going in this article, where we can read about the Fiano: “Fiano is one of Italy’s greatest white varieties, offering sumptuous aromatics, as well as great complexity. The most celebrated example made from this variety is Fiano di Avellino from the province of Irpinia…

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